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cognome e nome                  nick                            permalink ad anobii

Busi Francesca                    Francesca87                    http://www.anobii.com/people/francesca87/

Fei Stefania                         mafalda                       http://www.anobii.com/people/stefaniafei             

Andreas Formiconi              eh ma quale nick          http://www.anobii.com/people/0149a1b95c903257f2/

Fantappiè Giulia                  GiuGGi                          http://www.anobii.com/people/giuggiolina/

Susanna Sandrelli               Susyprotagonist          http://www.anobii.com/people/014ab20ea416e4ee42/

Ferrante Melissa                  Melix                           http://www.anobii.com/people/0105873fcbcaa81a35/

Caciolli Nicoletta                  nico                            http://www.anobii.com/people/017145f1b42ab4c381/

Caciagli Andrea                  Andrea3                       http://www.anobii.com/people/01a7cfaa5fa4cb4ece/

Bruni Mirko                        Fareyus                         http://www.anobii.com/people/fareyus/

Bulukin Sara Emily             Emily                             http://www.anobii.com/people/01d483cea75462b53c/

Severi Marika                    Marika                           http://www.anobii.com/people/marika10188/            

Letizia Bruschi                  Letizia988                      http://www.anobii.com/people/leti988/

Orlando Luca                    maggiolone                   http://www.anobii.com/people/0145ecfd04ea3d7d38/

Elena Parrini                      Elena                            http://www.anobii.com/people/01a0433ca8e595d4cd/

Paolini Claudia                  cpaolini88                      http://www.anobii.com/people/cpaolini88/

Alessandro Mereu             aeroalex                        http://www.anobii.com/people/0110874c424e03813f/

Ilaria Tofani                       Nacchera                       http://www.anobii.com/people/nacchera/

Sara Maglione                    BlackMamba11              http://www.anobii.com/people/bm11/

Carmela Mazzoccoli            mela87m                       http://www.anobii.com/people/mela87m/

Francesco Biagini               Biagio                            http://www.anobii.com/people/simplybiagio/

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