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Page history last edited by Andreas Formiconi 13 years, 9 months ago

Draft of seminar "I Care2"


I Care 


General objective 

Remind the audience of the importance of partecipation, of the numberless ways in which this can be carried out, in the fact that in real life partecipation means taking risks or, anyway, learning to stake one's all. 


Specific objectives 

Remind the audience that there are flourishing  sharing educational activities  such as MedWiki for sharing edcuational contents in the Medical School and clown activities in hospital's wards by M'illumino d'immenso. 

Avoid opposing new Information technologies to real life because the first can be at the disposal of the latter, thus spurring the physical partecipation as for the previous examples. 



      * Arf, the Prof.

      * Elvira Berlingieri, the guest Prof.

      * The guys, a group of M'illumino d'immenso: Pan, Ladybug, Choppy,     Rapunzel, Pebble, Goozy, Negletty, Giraff.

      * Clody and Cheesy, two clowns surprisingly passing by ... 


General Plan  

Arf has its roots in the title, I Care, which I used in order to incite a debate before the seminar. Well, this is the I care by Don Milani: I care of your problem, your problem is my problem. 


In passing, the person who has caught this reference doesn't win anything. It is important just to reflect about it. 


Arf briefly and enthusiastically recalls Don Milani and his role about the universality of the message so that this is not seen just as a catholic reproach.  


Example of sneaky degneration of the social communication: the awful and ubiquitarian "I don't care at all". Welcome to the neologisms, but these are the clear symptoms of the degeneration of the society. Guys, rebel! 


I Care: it doesn't mean being heroes but having a precise attitude in life. A funny story about a nuclear physician who speaks with a common man in order to understand a weird and dubious diagnosis. The physician speaks simply, clearly, a bit vulgarly because it is important to put the interlocutor at ease so that he says useful things in order to really understand the problem. The physician understands the real meaning of the diagnostical symptom because, thanks to the relationship created with his patient, he has become aware of the context.  


I Care: you can live in different ways. For example, studying notes is not only my problem, it's everybody's problem. 


If I transform my notes into an earning source, I create a lack in resources. If I share them and I unite them with the others' notes, I create abundance for everybody. It is like the the miracle of the loaves and fishes. It's a miracle we can make true right know if we really want it.  


The project MedWiki on the condivision of the notes and articles is an effort towards this direction. This year we can achieve it thanks to your collaboration.


I Care: it's not all roses. Partecipating means taking on responsabilities, going against any trend, sometimes desobeying to a sclerosed and degenerate system. Look at Don Milani's life. Desobeying proudly, paying what you have to pay and searching for new balances.  


It's compulsory to mention the problem of the management of the materials which can be subject to copyrights, as far as medwiki is concerned. Mention of the perky attitude of arf, notoriously really inclined to risk in favour of life. Arf admits he exaggerates sometimes, but in order to balance all this, he has invited to speak a real expert on this subject, the Professor (and all the possible and imaginable titles, expert on... awful things) Elvira Berlingieri in order to talk about the legal risks about the abuse of electronic material protected by the copyright.  


Classical dark-powerpoint-or-all-that-Elvira-thinks-it's-right- and ten boring minutes... Elvira sketches: "I begin with saying that 90% of what you do will bring the mail police in your home at 6 o'clock in the morning with a broadcast TV which wakes up your neighbours and brings you to prison- I will exactly say the words "prison!", "shame!", "immorality"- and I start reading rythmically and slowly the wicked crimes of copyright just walking towards and backwards with the code open in my hands.  


From the stalls a student rises to speak but he starts rambling: 


"Stop it! We can't stand this lessons anymore. You kill us with all these words, words, theory and theory. We are not pigs to feed. We don't understand anything. We don't have the time to reflect, understand, think. YOU HAVE STOLEN OUR TIME, THE MOST PRECIOUS THING, TIME. GIVE OUR TIME BACK, WE NEED SILENCE, EVEN LESSONS MADE UP OF SILENCE..." and stuff like that. 


In the meantime, he goes to the teacher's desk and stubbornly, but not violently, he takes the mic from Elvira's hands (now we don't know if he is going to use it), who is astonished, open mouth, mumbling nonsense protests- like myself behind the stage- and he keeps on saying... 


"now, us, we are going to make our lessons, now... let's make a lesson with the Silence..." 


He calls some people from the outside, whistling and everybody comes happy but polite towards the stage 


In the meanwhile, Elvira has been called beside me in order to confabulate, a bit worried of how these guys have taken the control of the situation and they are musing on something to take an action without having the possibility. 


The guys begin their part which starts like a pantomime as if they were in a waiting room, someone is reading a book, someone is on a chair stomping his feet on the ground, someone is walking towards and backwards... little by little the moves and the stomping become more numerous, they coordinate themselves like a dance... the most excited ( :-D ) is almost affected with tarantism and falls on the ground in a fit. 


Everybody pretends to be a doctor and stretches him here and there delivering judgments as the doctors in Pinocchio with a Bolero crescendo and at the end a panel rises saying that he's dead.... agitation, caos, than the panel turns ... no! he's alive! jumps of joy.... 


Than everything chills out, the characters stay stupefied, as if they were waking up after a beautiful dream, as profound as a nightmare but beautiful and arf emerges again having the role of a narrator describing the weirdness of these characters... 


Praise of the diversity which creates wealth among people and inside people... 


Elvira real curious, expert on legal matters, also graduated in law and all possible honorific titles, but lively, plays herself, she's full of life, maybe she's got two lifes... there's a second Elvira in a virtual place called Second Life and Elvira is organizing the project of teaching, bringing people in that world, long live Elvira! 


These two are instead the parasites of the society who, unsatisfied of the fact of being very expensive for all sanitary services as they are really ill, it's compulsory to give also to them a job and to invent some occasions and these two madmen, unsatisfied of their weird nature- look at how they live, look at them- well, they also claim to help the others but, let's think for a while, they want to help those who are ill just laughing, but... what a crazy couple, Cloudy and Cheesy! 


And these guys are the most incredible thing because they made themselves corrupt by those two madmen and they go to the hospital making a fool of themsleves to make ill people laugh but the most extraordinary thing is that... they're medicine students, well, you don't believe it, but they really are, second, third, sixth year students and they are still alive.... a really crazy thing... so it is still possible... you can study and be alive in the world... guys, you have to try... long live these guys! 


The guys talk and describe how they live this experience.

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